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Press / What Women REALLY Want

Chocolates? Roses? Jewelry? That's what the marketers tell us that women want on Valentine's Day. But none of those things show up in their porn searches. While you're cooking dinner (or, let's face it, making dinner reservations), your girlfriend is in the other room searching for lesbian porn. Which is great, if you're a lesbian ...

This year for Valentine's Day, to help our users better understand the women they love, we took a look at two barometers for female desire, across the United States. First, the most popular category of porn for women in each state, and second the popularity of "Daddy" searches across the country.

"Searches for "daddy" continue to increase, but the appeal is not universal," says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. "Women in Illinois, Nevada and Tennessee are among those most likely to have "daddy issues" — although Washington, D.C has them all beat by a mile. Maybe that explains our current political system? It's almost as telling as Utah and Kentucky's singular fascination with intergenerational porn."

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Alex Hawkins

Vice President, xHamster

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