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Press / Was Your Business Looted? xHamster Offers Free Local Ads

To help off-set the suffering for businesses that were looted in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Minneapolis and elsewhere last week, xHamster is offering free ads for local businesses on its site. The ads will run in targeted markets alongside xHamster’s selection of amateur adult content.

Was Your Business Looted? xHamster Offers Free Local Ads

“We want to give back to businesses and organizations that are struggling due to vandalism or theft,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “We have more daily traffic than eBay, and eager, excited consumers. We can’t return what was stolen, but we can help you get your customers back.”

The ads will be geo-targeted to the local markets where the business is located, to help reach consumers more efficiently. Both banner ads and video advertising is available, and uninsured businesses, or businesses that have been otherwise unable to recoup their losses, will be prioritized. All ads are subject to availability.

When possible, xHamster will work with the business-owners to help pair the ads where they will be most effective, such as a jewelry store near MILF videos, a juice bar near the massage channel, or a furniture store next to gangbangs.

“For the right business, this is a tremendous opportunity,” says Hawkins. “In normal times, mainstream businesses might be hesitant to advertise on an adult site. But we live in interesting times, and between COVID-19 and the riots, many businesses are fighting to stay afloat. xHamster may just be a porn site, but we want to be part of the solution.”

Those interested in advertising on xHamster should contact [email protected], including the name and type of business, their location, and the details related to the looting. xHamster reserves the right to accept or refuse advertising for any reason.